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hey guys please visit the new forums: Introductions and Your favourite server(s)!!

would be cool if you visit our Gametracker site too :
Gametracker is a Website, where you can see who is where online. pretty useful to find other GW`s playing.

Dexter made a Teamspeak Server for our clan!! (thanks again bro)
to read more please go to the Forum thread called TeamSpeak Server
TS3 block is active now!! (bottom left side!!)

Clan GW is on Xfire now!!! (thanks to Flickr!)

as a little new years present i made a Facebook site for GW :)
everyone who wants to join it, search for 'Galactic Warriors of Halo' on Facebook.

(GW)Frost / Jan 04, 2013
Rule 1 you can't join another clan
Rule 2 work as a team with your other team mates.
Rule 3 figure out some stuff which would improve our clan.
Rule 4 try to convince other online players to join our clan.
Rule 5 no hacking tolerated or else you will be in trouble.
Rule 6 follow orders.
Rule 7 try as hard as you can to be a good player online.
Rule 8 show pride to Galactic Warriors
Rule 9 be confident.
Rule 10 have fun and enjoy our clan and gaming.
Original Original Original Original Original

Mass Effect 3

We are the protectors of earth

All halo games

this is the game which we mainly play on

Star Wars Battlefront

We are the protectors. we also play this on pc and all other game consoles

Assassins Creed

We save the people of earth. we can be found on this game on any game console

Dead Space

Saviour of the earth. We also play this game on all consoles.